NATSPEC Annual Conference, proudly sponsored by Axcis

Axcis are thrilled to sponsor the NATSPEC Annual Conference, which is being held on the 2nd and 3rd April 2019, at the Jury’s Inn, Hinckley. This is a must-attend event for FE professionals who specialise in working with students with learning difficulties and disabilities, particularly those funded through the High Needs funding system.

About this event

“High Needs, High Aspirations” aims to challenge and at the same time enthuse delegates.


Firstly, how do we identify and meet the significant needs of students, staff, professionals and families, as we continue to negotiate a system which has been through almost ten years of austerity and financial challenge, combined with major legislative and structural change?  And how do we do this effectively against a backdrop of cultural, political and economic upheaval and uncertainty?


Secondly, how can we stretch the boundaries, raise expectations, and support students to fulfil their full potential?  Having high aspirations, for students and the specialists that work with them, and showcasing the expertise and excellence that exists in colleges and their partner organisations, has never been more important.


The Natspec 2019 conference is a must-attend event for FE professionals who specialise in working with students with learning difficulties and disabilities, particularly those funded through the High Needs funding system. At a new venue for 2019, it will be the largest ever high needs FE conference.  The 2-day event will bring you the very best practice in specialist further education, celebrating achievements and highlighting the latest in cutting edge research.


You will hear from national specialists and experts, with workshops and keynote sessions covering Ofsted’s new Education Inspection Framework, SEND and the law, strategic planning with LAs, maximising employment outcomes, governance, leaner voice, developing and maintaining staff expertise, physical activity and wellbeing, inclusive strategies for challenging behaviours, and a range of topics to support curriculum planning and delivery.


In addition, new for 2019, the conference incorporates the opportunity to network informally throughout the 2 days with “hot topic” tables for discussions on issues such as financial management, diversification, working with parents, post-college living solutions, MIS and data management, GDPR, mainstream-specialist partnerships, and more.

Download the conference programme


Book your conference place here. 

At the Axcis stand

Axcis – Specialists in SEND recruitment

Staff from Axcis will be on hand to discuss any SEND staffing needs you might have. If you don’t already know about Axcis, we are the foremost suppliers of SEND staff to mainstream and specialist schools in the UK. We have offices nationwide and work with a range of candidates, from TAs and Teachers to Therapists and School Leaders. We would love to hear from you if you are looking to recruit any temporary or permanent SEND staff, or seeking employment in this sector. Axcis provides quality people for day to day cover, long-term and permanent assignments. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to your needs and find you the right candidate, no matter how specialist your requirement. We consistently receive excellent feedback from candidates and clients alike. So – if it sounds like Axcis can help you, why not come and have a chat to us at the Axcis stand, or browse our website for more details.

Axcis CPD: Team Teach (South West)

As part of our commitment to provide high-quality training to our schools and candidates, Axcis South West are pleased to offer this two day Team Teach Course on the 27th and 28th December 2018.

Team Teach in June with Axcis

A recent Team Teach course with Axcis

Course Details:

Address: TBC (will be a Bristol location easily accessible by public transport)

Date/time: 27th and 28th December, 9.30am – 4pm

Cost: FREE (with £50 returnable deposit)

How to book: Please call Holly Zammit on 0121 516 3024 to confirm your place on the course or email Places are limited and very popular and due to this, there are no refunds if you cancel after the 27th November.

What is Team Teach?

Team Teach is a training course which explores the verbal and non-verbal aspects of behaviour management. The course explains what is meant by terms like “reasonable force” and when it is appropriate to use physical intervention. In addition to this, delegates are trained how to use restraint techniques. It should be made clear that this is considered a last-resort and the Team Teach course aims to give candidates a tool kit of strategies and techniques they can use before force should ever be considered. Team Teach aims to actually REDUCE the overall need for restraint or use of force in schools – not to promote it.

Why does Axcis offer Team Teach training? 

We are often contacted by schools who require Team Teach trained staff. This is because in many SEND schools, it is an unfortunate reality that advanced behaviour management training, and very occasionally restraint training can be required. We want our staff to be able to do this in a consistent, safe manner as is reflected by the schools we work with. Team Teach can be an expensive course to attend (up to £200 for the two days depending on the provider). This can be prohibitive for teachers and teaching assistants due to the cost, but also the term-time days on which many training courses are run. At Axcis, we regularly offer the course at a hugely discounted price (we simply aim to cover the cost of the venue and training materials) and in school holidays. Training is usually run at our client schools, which can be a huge benefit to those who have worked there as they already know their way around (as well as how to get there!) It should be noted that once you receive Team Teach training, the certificate awarded is only valid for 2 years. After that you must undertake a refresher in order to continue using the techniques you learn.

Is this course right for me?

At Axcis, we pride ourselves on offering high quality, relevant training which will genuinely enhance your employment prospects. We run numerous Team Teach courses throughout the year as part of our candidate CPD programme. To be considered for a place, you should be registered with Axcis (or about to register) and want to work in a long-term supply position at a school where these techniques will be necessary.  This generally means you must have an interest in working with students who are likely to exhibit challenging or confrontational behaviour, potentially escalating to a need to physically intervene. Your consultant can advise you on whether they feel the course will benefit you or not if you are not sure whether it’s right for your own personal CPD pathway.


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Candidate registration day – Jobs in Sutton

Are you based in the Sutton area and looking for a career in special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)? Axcis are holding a special candidate registration event in Sutton on Tuesday 27th November – find out more and book your place here! 

Register with Axcis and become connected to a range of specialist and mainstream schools in your area for work.

Register with Axcis and become connected to a range of specialist and mainstream schools in your area for work.

Event Details:

Date: Tuesday 27th November 2018

Time: 9am – 5pm

Location: Costa Coffee, 176 High Street, Sutton, SM1 1NL

How to book a place: Email Blake Simpson, or call him on 020 7580 2956


What does Blake look for in the staff he recruits?

Blake needs staff with a great attitude and willingness to learn. Of course, if you have existing skills, qualifications and knowledge related to special educational needs and disabilities, then this is a bonus. However, Axcis can also provide support and training for those who are passionate about SEND and want to work in the sector. Get in touch with Blake if you’d like to discuss your suitability for his roles before registering with Axcis.

How should I prepare for my registration meeting?

If you are not already registered on our website, it is extremely helpful to do this prior to your meeting, as it will save you a lot of time and form-filling on the day. You’ll also need to bring some documentation (such as qualifications and ID) with you – we will confirm exactly what you need once you have booked your interview slot – please make sure you bring all paperwork as required as this will help to complete your registration more quickly and efficiently.

Can I bring a friend to register too?

Yes! We’d love for you to bring a friend! Axcis are always on the lookout for new staff, and we even offer a generous referral bonus for introducing a friend, so if you know anyone else who would be interested in working with us, feel free to bring them along to your meeting, or tell them to get in touch to find out more (but make sure they tell us you referred them!)

Introducing…. Axcis Andy’s New Lion Friend

At the start of term, Axcis Andy made a new friend, but we had a problem – he didn’t have a name! We asked schools to help us to come up with a great name for him. Find out here who has won, and what name has been selected.

The Competition

We provided schools with some worksheets which they could download and print out for their classes to do. There was a choice between a drawing or a story activity. Lots of students took part, and we received some lovely entries which accompanied some brilliant name suggestions. A few are listed below:


  • Graham
  • Prince
  • Corey
  • Manfred
  • Freddy
  • Zoey
  • Ratooli
  • Jade
  • Simba
  • Narla
  • Smith
  • Simba
  • Fluffy
  • Vladimir
  • Ana
  • Big King
  • Alex
  • Miguel
  • Axel
  • Wizz
  • King
  • Angie
  • Jaydan the fat lion
  • Lionel
  • Flame
  • Megan
  • Jack
  • Harry King
  • Jack
  • Leo
  • Seb

And the winning name is… Lionel!

Proud winner of our Name the Lion competition, Annushka (left) receiving the prize on behalf of Strathmore school, and her consultant, Nicola, right.

It was very difficult to select a name from all of those suggested, but one in particular stood out to us… and that name was… Lionel. The staff and students at Strathmore School are thrilled that their suggestion was chosen as the winner. Nicola, their Axcis consultant went along to the school to present them with their shopping voucher, certificate and fluffy lion toy!

Looking for a SEND teaching or support job? Or perhaps you need to recruit school staff? Take a look at Axcis Education, the SEND recruitment specialist.

Bullying – An Emotional Issue, by Dr. Emily Lovegrove, AKA “The Bullying Doctor” (Guest Blog)

Dr Emily Lovegrove (BSc. PhD), AKA “The Bullying Doctor” is a psychologist who specialises in developing successful anti-bullying strategies. She is a popular speaker and trainer in this area, as well as being the author of ‘Help! I’m being bullied’. She has very kindly provided this guest blog for Axcis to help spread awareness and understanding of the issue.


Anti-bullying week brings sharply into focus just how anxious we all are about bullying and how much of it goes on. We see it daily on TV where politicians bluster and strut, and we see it on programmes that are set up to deliberately humiliate in the name of humour.


Being aggressive is part of what makes us human – we fight for resources to make sure our children have the best start possible in life. And if we are helping children who are in any way different and have extra needs, you will know how very hard this is.


The difficulty is that some folk are way, way more aggressive than others and love the power it brings… They learn early on that putting others down – physically or psychologically – gives them that sense of power, regardless of the distress it causes others.


Those who are the recipients learn early on that their needs are not important and that there is no point in trying to fight back. In settings where there is particular emphasis on compliance in order to ‘fit in’, there is even less sense in the child that their personal needs are important. It may well help them to fit in but sadly it often also makes them particularly vulnerable to bullying.


As adults we were probably taught one of three main strategies for bullying – to ignore it, to fight back, or to tell someone. Unfortunately, these are all LOGICAL processes that require smart thinking and high self-confidence. But when we’re bullied – or even just feel bullied – we feel EMOTIONAL and our biological stress processes instantly kick in.


Feeling threatened sets off a whole train of those biological responses! Oxygen is diverted from its biggest user, the brain, towards muscles that make flight (running away), fight (standing your ground) or freeze (literally frozen to the spot) possible. We are quite literally unable to think logically at this point!!


This stress reaction also means we’re actually physically unable to ignore bullying (breathing becomes shallow, heart rate speeds up, digestion slows down). In this case the best thing to help is to learn to take a couple of very deep breaths to allow more energy to the brain. NOW you might be able to utilise that logical strategy of ignoring…


Learning to feel the power of breathing deeply is something to practice so it’s not just an added stress to try to learn when feeling bullied! Teaching children to breathe in a colour that makes them feel braver can be very effective. Also, it’s good to explain the concept of being rooted into the ground. Explain that trees with shallow roots will blow over in a storm (being bullied) but a tree with deep, spreading roots will just sway a bit! The might lose the odd branch but that will grow again! Drawing pictures of this is a useful class or individual activity.


What about fighting back – physically or verbally? I know this can result in stopping bullies in their tracks so that they leave you alone. But they’ll simply find someone else which is not a good thing. Encouraging children about what might make another child (or adult) bully rather than behave kindly is always worth doing. Some children live lives that are fraught with danger at home and lack those essentials of love and care that grow a decent human being. A little understanding of the stressors of others can go a long way to stopping bullying from escalating.


And finally, what about just telling someone? This too is fraught with difficulties. Children absolutely do need to be able to tell someone. But what they fear is how we, as adults, deal with that information. Do we listen and ask how we might help? Or do we charge in, all guns blazing, regardless of their wishes? What about parents who threaten the perpetrator (who then ridicules the bullied child to his/her mates)? Or the teacher who blames the whole class and insists that everyone miss playtime… (now the whole class is likely to side with the bully). Telling somebody else about bullying is definitely a good strategy but never forget it is also a risky strategy.


What all children need, and so few get, is a sense that whoever they are is much loved and respected by both families and teachers. Most teachers tell me there are days when their patience is sorely tried and they find it hard to like certain individuals or classes (they forget homework, sports kit, try our patience with exquisite finesse)! As teachers it’s often tempting to let a class know exactly how difficult they’re being to teach! But replacing that with positive thoughts and verbalising them “You are such a brilliant person / class! I always look forward to my sessions with you!” will not only do wonders for our personal sense of efficacy, it will do wonders for their self-confidence!


What we know is that children who feel good about themselves are more confident. Children who are more confident are better able to recognise when they’re being bullied. They’re more able to ignore the irritating things that happen in a group setting. And they are much more likely to come and tell us when the bullying is not something they can deal with.


It’s easy sometimes to think that the important bits of teaching are making sure they do well academically. Indeed, parents and rigid school curricula makes this extremely hard to ignore! But remarkably soon they will leave school. Letting them know that you believe in them just as they are, and helping them to understand and cope with bullying in positive ways may well be the most important thing you ever do for them.

Dr Emily Lovegrove, psychologist.

Trainer, Speaker, Researcher, Author (‘Help! I’m being bullied’, 2005. New edition in preparation).

Sessions for teachers, parents and pupils.

Individual and small group sessions


Looking for a SEND teaching or support job? Or perhaps you need to recruit school staff? Take a look at Axcis Education, the SEND recruitment specialist.



Book January staff with Axcis and be in with a chance of winning a £250 voucher for your school

When you call us to confirm a new staff booking for January, your name will go into a draw to win a £250 shopping voucher for your school – here’s how it works:


  1. Call us with your SEND vacancies today!

    Call your consultant and give them the details of your January staffing needs

  2. They will work hard to find you the best possible candidates for your role(s)
  3. Once you select the staff member(s) you’d like to book, simply let your consultant know
  4. When the booking is confirmed, and the candidate has started in their role, your name will go into our prize draw for a chance to win a £250 shopping voucher for your school or alternative provision.
  5. For each new member of staff booked, your name will go into the draw – so if you book 3 new staff members via Axcis, you will have 3 chances of winning this fantatic prize.

The small print

  • Bookings must be made between the 12th November 2018 and 11th January 2019 to be included in this draw
  • Existing bookings which roll over to the new calendar year will not be counted (this includes replacement staff requested for existing bookings)
  • This offer is not open to Axcis employees or affiliates

Why work with Axcis?

Axcis is the leading supplier of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) staff in England and Wales. We recruit special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) staff for mainstream schools and alternative provisions across England and Wales and offer recruitment solutions for short-term, long-term and permanent vacancies. Working with the broadest range of positions, our candidates include teachers, teaching assistants, therapists and school leaders.


Established in 2001, our head office is in London’s West End. We have since grown in-line with increasing demand from schools for the quality, specialist service we are able to provide. We have offices across the UK and continue to expand as more schools hear about us and express a desire to make use of our unique service. Many of our experienced team of consultants are ex-teachers or members of school support staff, so have on-the-ground knowledge of the sector. As a result, we are able to provide a recruitment package which reflects this in-depth understanding of what schools are looking for in the staff they recruit.


If you’d like to see what others say about working with Axcis, why not check out our testimonials page?

Glasshouse College Transitions Event

Axcis Midlands are pleased to be exhibiting at the Glasshouse College Transitions Event. This is an opportunity to speak to recruitment experts about possible careers options and get advice on how to make the best of your job applications.

Who are Axcis?

Axcis are the leading suppliers of special needs staff to mainstream and specialist schools in the UK. We have offices nationwide and work with a range of candidates, from TAs and Teachers to Therapists and School Leaders. We would love to speak to you if you are considering work in the SEND sector, or looking to recruit staff in this area.

Axcis Stand

Come and talk to us at the Axcis stand – we are happy to help!

On the Axcis stand

Come and chat to Axcis staff if you need advice about finding work, writing a CV/job application or how to present yourself at interview – we are happy to help!

Is working for Axcis right for me?

If you are interested in working with Axcis, you can either call your local branch for a chat, or you can register online – it takes just 5 minutes and one of our consultants will be in touch. You’ll have a no-pressure chat about what you are looking for and what skills you can offer, and if we feel we can help you, and you feel that we are the right company for you, we will ask you to come in and have a registration interview. From there you could be out working as quickly as the next day!

Why supply teaching can benefit your career

Supply teaching isn’t just a back up option, it can genuinely benefit your career – here’s how.


1 – It can significantly broaden your experience

Experience lots of different settings by doing a stint of supply work and become a more rounded professional.

Many trainee teachers are offered jobs in one of their placement schools, and this is often where they will end up for the first few years of their career. After that, they may move on to another school periodically, but I’ve known some teachers who stay put until the day they retire! While that’s great for job security and feeling settled in your role, it can be detrimental in terms of offering a broad experience to both challenge and develop your practice.


This is where supply work can offer you some real benefit. While I understand that it can be unsettling to be in a new school every day/month/term, supply contracts can certainly keep you on your toes! You’ll often have the chance to work in a range of different schools, with different age groups and with different socio-economic cohorts. By offering you a broad range of experience, supply teaching can deepen your understanding of how to effectively cater for students of all ages and backgrounds. When you add special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) into the mix, this can be even more impactful. Teachers (and indeed members of school support staff) who have the opportunity to work in schools for a range of different needs can gain some really meaningful professional development as a result.

2 – It can help you to find your niche in the profession

It took me a long time to understand that teaching isn’t a “one size fits all” profession. Every child is different, and so is every school. By working in a range of settings while doing supply work, you can gain a fantastic insight into what suits your teaching style, personality and personal fulfilment model most effectively. In fact, I wish I had done this myself. I was offered a role in my second PGCE placement school, didn’t enjoy it and after 2 years, made the difficult decision to leave the profession. Had I taken the time to do some supply work and investigate alternatives more carefully, I may have stuck with teaching. Certainly something worth considering if you’re thinking about leaving the profession yourself…

3 – It can be great for cross-fertilisation of ideas

Meet award winning staff and share great ideas while doing supply work.

Imagine this scenario – you’re working in a school and you see a brilliant behaviour management idea, or a new way of delivering maths to students with autism, and you think – “Wow – what a great idea, I’m going to use that!” It happens all the time. Many teachers have brilliant ideas which work fantastically well, but many are so busy that they don’t have time to share this good practise with other settings. By working on supply in a range of different schools, you’ll have the chance to effectively pinch ideas that work well to add to your own toolkit. This can stand you in excellent stead for your future in the profession. You’ll need to be diligent though, and keep a notebook handy for all of these ideas (if you’re anything like me, that is and have a memory like a sieve!)

4 – It can give you a more rounded understanding of the curriculum and assessment

By working in a number of different schools, you’ll be dipping in and out of the curriculum, covering different subjects, age ranges and levels of SEND need. In this way, you’ll be constantly exposed to the curriculum in different ways. You’ll also be using assessment methods which vary from school to school. Again, this can be a really useful experience for developing your understanding of the curriculum and how it all fits together, as well as how to effectively assess how well your students are picking it up.

5 – Your confidence will grow

One of the greatest things about supply work is that it will help your confidence to grow enormously. You’ll have been thrown in the deep end so many times that something new or challenging just won’t spike your anxiety levels the way it used to. This in itself can be a good enough reason to undertake a stint of supply work (in my opinion!) Instead of looking up to that unflappable teacher, you’ll have others looking up to you for your ability to take it all in your stride – and who wouldn’t want that?


It’s also worth remembering that all of these reasons are excellent interview fodder. If you find yourself being grilled by a panel of school leaders for a job you are desperate to get, remember to explain to them why you’d be a  brilliant addition to their team by using these five reasons, coupled with some case studies or specific examples from the schools you’ve been working in.

Are you seeking SEND teaching or support work?

Register with Axcis and become connected to a range of specialist and mainstream schools in your area for work.

If you’re not already registered with Axcis, but would like to seek a special needs teaching or support position, why not get in touch or register today and find out how we can assist you? We have offices nationwide and a team of expert consultants who have proven relationships with specialist and mainstream schools in your area.

Introducing our new Axcis South West Consultant

Axcis are pleased to announce that our South West Team has a new consultant – Alessandro Di-Girolamo, so if you’re seeking work (or staff) in the South West England area, why not register online or get in touch with Alessandro? Find out a bit more about him here.

We asked Alessandro to tell us about himself:


My recruitment career to date has been spent supporting the public sector, mainly working with schools in London and the South West. I have experience recruiting both teaching and support staff within a range of settings, from mainstream schools to alternative provisions.


I very much enjoy working with specialist SEND staff and their respective provisions and I gain great satisfaction from knowing that I am supporting some of the most vulnerable children and young people in society through the work that I am doing.


I have also worked to support charities and the education departments of local authorities, including Bristol City Council.


In my spare time, I am a keen runner and have fundraised for a local health charity in the Bristol, Bath & Cardiff Half marathons. I am now hoping to represent them again at the 2019 London Marathon. In addition to this, I have been a volunteer for other charitable events including the London Triathlon and Ride London.


Would you like to work with Alessandro?

If you are seeking work (or staff) in South West England, then get in touch with Alessandro today to see how he can help. Or if you’re seeking work in any other area, register online and we will put you in touch with your personal consultant in your local office.


Axcis November Giveaway: Christmas Craft Kit Bundle

November brings with it the first signs of Christmas here at Axcis, and to help you prepare for Saint Nick’s all-important annual visit, we are giving away a selection of Christmas Craft Kits to do with the children in your classes. Find out more here including how to enter for FREE!

About the prize

WIN! These fantastic craft kits in the Axcis November Giveaway

Our Craft Kit Bundle contains everything you need to make 8 cute Elf Decorations as well as 8 3D Felt Christmas Tree decorations. You can choose how you use these – perhaps you’ll do a whole-class craft session with them, or maybe you’ll use them as prizes for your students to take home – the choice is yours!


We’d love to see your finished projects, so if you’re lucky enough to win, perhaps you can Tweet us @Axcis with some pictures.

How to enter the Axcis Giveaway

It’s completely free to enter, simply click on the link below and choose your preferred entry method:

Axcis November giveaway

Register today and work for Axcis

If you’re not already registered with Axcis, but would like to seek a SEND teaching or support position, why not get in touch or register with Axcis today and find out how we can assist you? We have offices nationwide and a team of expert consultants who have proven relationships with specialist and mainstream schools in your area, so if you need work, why not register now?


Terms and Conditions are applicable to all giveaway entrants.

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