SEND News Roundup from our partners

At Axcis, we are thrilled to be associated with the National Autistic Society and nasen. Each month, we bring you the latest news highlights from our partners, so if you’d like to know what’s been happening with these great organisations and in the world of SEND, read on.

NAS News

Below you’ll find a list of some of the latest autism news, compiled by our friends at Network Autism. Each title is clickable and the link will take you to their website where you can find the full story.

  1. Get the latest SEND news here with Axcis

    Get the latest SEND news here with Axcis

    Better sex education needed for autistic young people

  2. Concern over back pay amongst disability care providers
  3. School exclusion may lead to poor mental health
  4. Autism guide aimed at GP staff
  5. Government to review school transport statutory guidance
  6. Autism tests need adapting for African cultures
  7. Autism diagnosis times in England to be recorded
  8. New national network for autism research
  9. Initiative aims to improve shopping trips for autistic children

Nasen News

Axcis are thrilled to support nasen - now in it's 25th year.

Axcis are thrilled to support nasen – now in it’s 25th year.

Below you’ll find a list of the latest SEND news from our friends at nasen. Each title is clickable and the link will take you to their website where you can find the full story.

  1. Free online eLearning module for SEMH
  2. School to School Support
  3. FREE places to SEND Conference now available
  4. Do you work in a school in London?
  5. Three reports on the National Award for SENCo are published by AfA
  6. How do we move forward with SEND?
  7. Fiona Millar announced as new nasen patron
  8. Education Announcements
  9. The Rochford Review – Government Response
  10. Summary of the government’s consultation response to the primary assessment consultation

Are you seeking work with young people with SEND?

Register with Axcis and become connected to a range of specialist and mainstream schools in your area for work.

Register with Axcis and become connected to a range of specialist and mainstream schools in your area for work.

If you’re not already registered with Axcis, but would like to seek a special needs teaching or support position, why not get in touch or register today and find out how we can assist you? We have offices nationwide and a team of expert consultants who have proven relationships with specialist and mainstream schools in your area.

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Moments that made my heart melt while working as a TA (try not to cry while reading this!)

We asked our staff to share moments which made their hearts melt while working as a TA for us and some of the answers we received were just so lovely we had to share them!

“Seeing the progress of a child who had problems with his speech being able to now speak in full sentences.”

melting heart



“Having worked for a few months at my current school, I have seen true development in an autistic child’s communication abilities. This was very eye opening for me in understanding autism as well as child development over such a short period of time.”


“There have been many. Seeing a young girl who was very withdrawn and shy come out of she shell and join in with her peers. When a hard to reach pupil said “your sound Miss, most people leave here.” Waving goodbye to all the kids at the end of term and going back to the staff room with tears knowing I had made a difference.”


“At the end of my time at my last school, a whole class made me flowers with compliments and messages written on the leaves. I also worked very closely with an autistic girl who shied away from being affectionate or understanding; but on my last day she drew me a picture and gave me a hug. I am still crying about how sweet that was, and how much that meant to me.”


“One of the most rewarding moments was when one of the pupils who has done a lot to overcome her learning diffculty wrote and delivered a speech in front of the class.”


“I have just turned 60 and a student that I assist, couldn’t believe my age! and said “Whoa! You’re the coolest 60 year old I’ve ever met, you don’t look 60 and you don’t dress 60 and you don’t act 60!”

“Students I support flooded me with homemade cards, poems, and thoughtful letters of appreciation on my birthday as a surprise. Really touching.”


“Being surrounded with children can always make your heart melt. Something that always makes my heart melt, is the fact that all the children love you and they say it to you and all they want is just to hug you! Within school, it’s like being a superstar, especially if you can do cool stuff such as a few magic tricks. Children tell you they love you every day and it’s very sweet.”


“When kids specially ask for my attention by taking my hand and leading me where they want me to be (often SEN students are non-verbal).”


When children smile when they are able to do their work.”


“Just working with children melts my heart altogether. It’s lovely to see how all the children are different in their own ways.”


“Every day is different and lovely in its own way.”


“A child with autism was being rough and accidentally hurt one of his friends and it really shocked him. All he wanted was a cuddle to make sure it was going to be okay and looked so worried.”


“When the little boy I was working with said how much he liked me.”


“I can recall the moment when the pupil I was working with started to use PECS. He was quite unsure what to do and how to interact with his peers and myself.  We were practicing all six stages of using PECS starting with one pictures corresponding to an item until stage 6, eg, forming sentences like “I want” red apple, or “I want” big pencil, etc . That moment really melted my heart . Work station activity has really benefitted the pupil to improve his fine motor skills, learning what is “Now” and “Next” and starting and finishing an activity eg. Building towers using small and big Lego, learning how to write his name, holding the pencil correctly. The most important thing is gaining confidence which allows him to interact with his peers happily.”


“While in an assembly a child stood up the front to apologise. Crying, he came over, apologised and then gave a hug.”


“At the end of the year one student, supported by the ASD unit, had their last day goodbye party, after completing a marathon of GCSE exams. All the staff were very proud of him, and we could see that he felt really proud of himself, as well as grateful for all the support and effort by staff which made it all possible.”


“Heart melting moments – there are so many moments where I’m in tears to see my hard work and the children’s achievements paying off – they make me so proud.”


“One of my children saying to his mum that its ok to make mistakes because that’s what we do at school.”


“Just getting to know students for who they are and the appreciation from them for what you do and for kindness you show to them.”


“I was doing an activity where the teaching assistants are responsible for a child and we massage them along to a song and the child that I had fell asleep laying next to me and it was the most amazing thing to see. Also when one of the children in my class came and sat next to me on a beanbag and just laid there so calmly (this child wouldn’t usually do it so it was amazing). Also when I have had great feedback from the other people working with me, it is amazing to hear, especially the moment when I was going away and they requested for me to come back.”


“Witnessing children being able to make friends, being accepted by their peers for who they are, being thanked by them and their parents for helping with their struggles in life. Also, when a child has physically hurt you but sincerely apologies and regrets what they have done and offers you a hug.”


“The little girl I worked with would melt my heart every day. She has just turned 5 however is unable to walk unaided. One day she got up, called to her friend and took five steps all by herself almost forgetting she required any support. That melted my heart.”


“Just before the school year was finished an autistic boy (he didn’t communicate) hugged me and write using a magnetic letters “forgive””


“When the child I worked with would achieve something or understand something we had been going over. Moments like this made everything worth it. Especially, when I would think they weren’t understanding.”


“Students saying we’ll miss you at the end of summer term.”


“A child once thanked me for helping him achieving his goals even when he was being difficult and said thanked me for not giving up on him.”

Not sure if TA work is for you? Take our quiz!

If you’re not sure whether you would be suited to working as a teaching assistant, why not take our quiz? It only takes a few minutes, so why not give it a try?

Or check out our jobs pages for TA vacancies

Or if you’re seeking a job as a teaching assistant, why not register with Axcis or check out our jobs pages? We also run a generous refer-a-friend scheme, so if you want to earn up to £250 in shopping vouchers just for helping a friend to find work, why not get in touch with their details today?

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Axcis Midlands wins new staffing contract – SEND work in Birmingham available now!

Axcis Midlands are thrilled to announce that they have just been awarded preferred supplier status with Birmingham schools – so if you’re seeking SEND  work in Birmingham, read on to find out more!

Who are Axcis?

Axcis are the foremost supplier of SEND teaching and support staff to mainstream and specialist schools across England and Wales.

What jobs do Axcis Midlands have available?

As a result of a new agreement with Birmingham council, Axcis Midlands are now a preferred supplier of staff to 293 schools in the area. For a full list of their vacancies, why not check out our jobs pages? Roles include:


  • Mainstream support jobs in Birmingham
  • Pupil referral unit (PRU) jobs in Birmingham
  • Social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) jobs in Birmingham
  • Autism jobs in Birmingham
  • Moderate learning difficulties jobs in Birmingham
  • Complex needs jobs in Birmingham
  • Severe learning difficulties jobs in Birmingham
  • Profound and multiple learning difficulties jobs in Birmingham
  • Specific Learning difficulties (SpLD) jobs in Birmingham
  • Hearing impairment jobs in Birmingham
  • Visual impairment jobs in Birmingham

midlands team TA pic

How do I get SEND work in Birmingham?

It’s as easy as 1,2 3….


  1. Register online – this is an easy process that takes most people around 10 minutes to complete
  2. Meet your consultant – once registered online, your consultant will get in touch to discuss your own personal situation and work needs. We don’t like to waste your time, so will invite you in for a meeting only if we feel we can assist you with your search for work.
  3. Compliance checks – when you come in to meet your consultant, you’ll be asked to bring along some paperwork so that our vetting team can perform standard compliance checks. (References, DBS etc). Once these are clear, you can start working for Axcis – this could be as soon as the next day!


Refer a friend to Axcis Midlands and earn up to £250

If you’re not looking for SEND work in Birmingham but know someone else who might be interested in teaching or support work vacancies, why not refer them to Axcis today? You could earn yourself up to £250 in shopping vouchers as a thank-you (as well as helping your friend to find work), so what do you have to lose?

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Schools – try a recommended TA with Axcis for FREE!

Do you have an outstanding teaching assistant vacancy as we head into the new school year? Axcis is running a special offer for you to try one of our staff for free, so what do you have to lose?

How does it work?

It’s as simple as 1,2,3:
  1. Contact your local Axcis office – you’ll be put in touch with your personal consultant who will discuss your needs in more detail.
  2. Your consultant will do the hard work for you – they will create a shortlist, discuss your needs with each candidate and select the most suitable one for you on your behalf.
  3. Book them in for a free trial – book our recommended candidate before the end of September, and you’ll get a half day to try them out completely FREE of charge.
What do you have to lose? Contact your local Axcis office today and take advantage of this fantastic offer!

What do other schools say about our TAs?

If you haven’t used Axcis before and are hesitant to try our service, it may help to see what other schools have to say about the staff we have placed with them. Recent feedback comments have included the following:


“Juairiya has worked tirelessly to support a variety of children with complex needs. She is adaptable to change and has become a valued member of our team.”



“Following a very thorough and helpful discussion with Emma from the Bristol office, Marina was suggested to support two pupils at our school who were finding learning and social interactions particularly challenging. From day one, Marina brought experience, compassion and consistency which has really made a difference in the school. Her relationship with our pupils is outstanding and they have great respect for her. As well as supporting these pupils with their complex behaviours, she delivers good learning and social experiences through an alternative curriculum which involves working closely with teachers, senior leaders, support staff members and external contractors such as Occupational Therapists and Forest School Leaders. Marina, who has a great sense of humour, really complements our team and we love having her work with us. She has helped us to turn our challenges into success and I am grateful to her for all that she does.”


“Kate has been with us since January. We work with exceptionally challenging young people and she has been responsible for engaging with a particularly difficult young person. Since she started to work with the leaner, he has started to make great progress and has shown real social improvements, not only this but Kate has to prepare food and cook for up to 25 picky eaters as well as looking after them and keeping them safe. Kate has thrown herself into everything that we have asked her to do and done above and beyond without complaint. She has been a real asset to the team.”


The small print

  • This offer is open to all schools, whether they are new or existing clients of Axcis Education Recruitment
  • You must discuss your requirement in enough detail with your consultant to allow them to make an informed candidate selection on your behalf
  • Free trial is only available on the staff member recommended to you by your personal consultant, and for a half day booking only
  • Only one free trial available per requirement
  • You must agree to provide feedback to your consultant after the trial has taken place
  • Free trial bookings must be made between 18th and 30th September 2017. Bookings made outside these dates will be charged at the usual rate.
What do you have to lose? Contact your local Axcis office today and take advantage of this fantastic offer!


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Top tips for new TAs, from experienced TAs

We asked our teaching assistants what advice they would give to those who are new to the profession and this is what they had to say:

“Ask for help, ask for direction. Keep dialogue open! You need to ask what the student wants, what the SENCo advises, what does the teacher need you to do? You are a facilitator, so find out what you need to do to facilitate! Be confident, and have fun; education can be really tough but keep going because it is so, so worth it. Being a TA is not menial, you are not ‘just’ a TA, you are a valuable member of the team who is essential in the effective management of a school. Keep going! Get stuck in and make sure to have fun.”


“Ask questions! Lots and lots of questions!”


london team TA pic

“Listen, watch and get stuck in. Don’t stand on the sidelines. Talk to the children.”


“Work on your patience and ability to negotiate things with pupils.”


“PATIENCE and UNDERSTANDING! And being able to work as team and to take any form of advice without being offended”


“Speak to the classroom teacher so you clearly understand what is expected of you. Speak to the SENCO so you can gain a better understanding of the students you support and what strategies work best for them. Ask questions. Other TAs are usually great for giving advice. Always keep your sense of humour, with the kids and staff.”


“Focus on the big picture. Every child is entitled to an education and they need to be respected. Whatever is asked of you within reason just do. Your student is vulnerable and they need you and so does the organisation.”


anna phillips my journey as a TA

Anna – one of our star TAs with her son, Oscar. Read all about how she became a TA here in her guest blog for Axcis.

“1. Be early to school 2. Be helpful, strong, calm, smiley, energetic, enthusiastic. 3. Follow the methods already used in the classroom 4. Anything you don’t like or feel uncomfortable, say it 5. Leave on time to relax and be prepared for the next day”


“1 -Stay focused! 2- Definitely be ready to work with children with different personalities as well as children with special needs”


“Go in there with a positive mindset, look for jobs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, in terms of dealing with behaviours think about how you would want to be spoken to and address things in a calm manner.”


“Pay attention to every pupil in your classroom to see how different they are to each other and how to deal with situations, be hardworking, remember you can have a big impact in the classroom to help reduce stress etc but most of all enjoy yourself because it is a very rewarding job.”


“Be patient and prepare to learn from the other teachers around you.”


“Listen to the child. Be yourself. Be friendly. Be proactive. And have a passion to help out.”


“Get to know the student(s) first – their interests. Create good professional relationships and be trustworthy. When a student asks something make sure to listen to them carefully with good eye contact – get down to their level showing that what he / she is saying is very important. If you are telling the student that you will come and see them later make sure you do so because the student will built trust with you. Never promise to keep a secret, as they may tell you something you have a duty to pass on. Reassure the student that he or she is doing a good thing telling you and that you are going to help by telling someone who can help them.”


“Try to help the young people enjoy school and use the challenges you faced to try to help them overcome difficulties, e.g. If you found maths hard, and they are too – maybe try using more visual and kinaesthetic methods to support them. Also do research and be reflective. We are lucky to work with these young people and can make a difference to them.”


“Just really involve yourself with the school you are working for, the people you are working with and especially the children. If they can see you are not bothering to really get to know them then they are not going to want to listen to anything you have to say. Be willing to play with them, teach them but also be able to tell them off when they are in the wrong because otherwise it won’t work. But most of all enjoy it because being the person that is helping them learn and grow up is amazing and you are lucky to do it.”


“Follow the directions of the teacher and take time to get to know the children you work with.”


“A TA should be ready to assist at all times. Be open minded, punctual and try to join in with all activities and school trips.”


“Don’t do it if you don’t like working with children or young adults. Relax when you’re not at work!”

midlands team TA pic

“Work with confidence following instructions and asking questions.”


“Embrace it, enjoy it, and learn from the staff.”


“When working with children and some have challenging behaviour don’t take it personally if they swear or insult you and remember that are still children no matter what their age – and you’re the adult!”

Not sure if TA work is for you? Take our quiz!

If you’re not sure whether you would be suited to working as a teaching assistant, why not take our quiz? It only takes a few minutes, so why not give it a try?

Or check out our jobs pages for TA vacancies

Or if you’re seeking a job as a teaching assistant, why not register with Axcis or check out our jobs pages? We also run a generous refer-a-friend scheme, so if you want to earn up to £250 in shopping vouchers just for helping a friend to find work, why not get in touch with their details today?


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Axcis staff member re-homes Lexi – a very special pup

Victoria King works in the Axcis South West & Wales office. Over summer, she decided to re-home a special needs dog. In this blog, she tell us how it came about and how it’s working out. 

Lexi – a very special pup!

We re-homed Lexi this summer from a rescue centre. Discussing her needs with the behaviour specialist there was much like the conversations I have with SENCOs about their students and it struck me that I can categorise Lexi with the same types of SEND with which I assist every day!


After an unsettled experience in her first home, Lexi has high levels of anxiety and needs very gentle introductions to anyone new. Much like attachment disorder, there were concerns that it would take a long time for Lexi to develop a relationship of trust with us, so my husband and I had to visit her several times before collecting her. She came to grow in confidence with us and now looks to us when she needs reassurance. If we’re calm and comfortable in the situation, she remains so too.


Like an anxious child, she is also scared of approaches by strangers so we purchased a “nervous” coat to minimise stranger contact with her. She seems to become emboldened when wearing this as she’s left alone and, although we intend to walk her without it in future, it’s been a fantastically simply and effective tool in her first few weeks with us. Being able to sensitively indicate her difference while at the same time taking her to all the places that other dogs enjoy has been wonderful.


A key part of the advice we were given – and that which rang true with my experiences with schools – was that, much like a child with SEMH, Lexi would be unlikely to play or learn unless her anxiety is soothed and her trust and confidence in those around her increased. Within a week, the time, support and patience we’ve shown her paid off and she started playing with toys that had previously been completely ignored and has even started to learn a couple of small tricks – although we’re not ready for Britain’s Got Talent just yet!

Much like a 1:1 TA, we have a dog walker who we introduced over a series of days in readiness for September (when I would be back at work for more hours). The key here was finding one with experience, compassion and empathy – and fortunately, after a recommendation from a neighbour and an interview and initial meeting with Lexi, we’ve found the perfect match!


More updates to follow and I hope they all remain as positive as her first few weeks with us!


Would you like to work with Axcis South West?

If you’d like to work for a team with fantastic staff like Victoria, why not get in touch with Axcis South West today? They work with lots of specialist and mainstream schools in the area, so are sure to be able to help you in your search for work with SEND.

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Introducing Rebecca – Axcis Liverpool

Axcis is continuing to grow as more and more schools hear about us and start using our services. As a result, Axcis Liverpool has a new consultant, so if you’re seeking work (or staff) in the Halton, Knowsley or Liverpool areas, why not get in touch with Rebecca? Find out a bit more about her here.

About Rebecca

I hold a PGCE (Secondary) in Religious Education and spent 9 years working as a teacher in a variety of different schools prior to joining Axcis. During this time, I have seen the positive effect that having the right member of staff can have on children – especially those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

I am passionate about the importance of education as a whole, but especially about SEND because I firmly believe that all children and young people are entitled to develop to their full potential regardless of their needs or starting point in life.

I work hard to develop close working relationships with the schools I provide staff for. This is because I believe that it’s of the utmost importance to understand the individual needs of schools in order to source staff who are a perfect match for them. In this way, I hope to minimise the disruption which changes in staffing can often bring to classrooms.

In my spare time, I enjoy decorating and DIY, cooking and being cooked for – any kind of seafood is always a winner! I also recently got married and have inherited three step children who keep me pretty busy.

Would you like to work with Rebecca?

Rebecca covers the following areas for Axcis: Halton, Knowsley and Liverpool. If you are seeking work (or staff) in these areas, then get in touch with Rebecca today to see how she can help. Or if you’re seeking work in any other area, register online and we will put you in touch with your personal consultant in your local office.

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My journey: how I became a TA & why (guest post)

Me? Work in a school? I couldn’t imagine it in this lifetime!


My career of choice aged 13 and above was fashion design, I spent evenings designing cool outfits a la Jean Paul Gaultier and doing art coursework in between listening to Bros and watching The Lost Boys (and of course The Clothes Show). I would never have placed myself in a school then but it is so rewarding and fulfilling and I adore it.


I didn’t like school much-primary school was miserable as I dealt with daily bullying and a maths phobia, but I think that’s why I make a difference working as a TA.


Later in life I found that art college teachers were tough critiques and this was too much for my wobbly ego at the time so I chose an apprenticeship in hairdressing-the closest I could get to creative work. I soon found out that it wasn’t glamorous at all, I found it boring and was not for me, then came a nasty recession and a string of less than enjoyable customer service roles.


Feeling disillusioned and frustrated, I drifted from battery hen style call centres with Hitleresque bosses to menial supermarket roles (unexpected item in bagging area, anyone?)

anna phillips my journey as a TA

Anna with her son Oscar on Shakespeare Day


The welcome turning point occurred when my first son, four, started school:   At the parents meeting the wonderful, inspirational reception teacher pleaded for parents to help in the classroom. I was five months pregnant with my second child and I felt the need to make myself useful! My offer to volunteer was met with enthusiasm and gratefulness of staff and extended to staff room hospitality, coffee and biscuits. The school itself was small, cosy  and caring with a lovely vibe.


Pleased that I was appreciated, I felt creatively fulfilled when I was put straight to work on a Christmas display in a mixed year one and two class. The best part of the work was the wonderful children and I loved every minute.  Whilst on the school run or out at the shop, “Hello Mrs Phillips” never got old, and in the classroom having a reason to get glitter out the art cupboard meant I was even happy to work for free.


The children’s talents gave me a buzz and I realised that my bad experience of school gave me skills for the job: I had patience with those who didn’t understand, along with creative resourcefulness that had me raiding the cupboards and happy children who got it! I always try to raise morale and confidence of learners, and did not want them to feel like I did in the bad times!


Soon I began working at the school as a lunchtime supervisor. Again, my own bad memories encouraged me to be vigilant as I worked hard to prevent and sort out unkind behaviour and I developed an incidental sideline as an Agony Aunt!


However, if my dream of being a paid TA were to be realised I needed a level two NVQ, and a good maths qualification. Luckily I had a good English GCSE, but I had a lot of work to do-vacancies were few and far between-and they had the world (and his highly qualified, experienced wife) applying for them.


So I spent a few years in college gaining qualifications, and as no jobs were coming up I even did the first year of a foundation degree, so determined to get “The Edge” to land my dream job. After four years volunteering and a couple of unsuccessful interviews I landed a job at my favourite school as a one to one TA with a child with autism. I stayed there for six years and worked in every year group from reception to year six.


I had always wanted to work for Axcis in ASD bases and have done so for about fifteen months. I am now working long term in a secondary school (my old school, secondary school was fine!) and I never want to do any other role.  Oh yes, and I help in all classes, from art to GCSE maths!

Anna Phillips

Anna Phillips is a TA in her old secondary school currently working at the ASD base. She started helping in schools aged 32 and has been doing so for 10 years, and has worked in all school year groups. She has always lived in Somerset and has two sons aged 10 and 15.

Are you seeking TA work?

If you’re interested in finding work as a teaching assistant, why not get in touch or register with Axcis today, and see if we can help you on your journey, too!


Take our quiz and find out if you’d be well suited to TA work

If you’re not sure whether you’d be suited to teaching assistant work or not, why not take our short quiz? Simply answer these 10 questions – it only takes a few minutes!

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Supply staff: Get work quickly when the new term starts

How can you make sure you are at the top of the pile when it comes to making sure you get work quickly when the new term arrives? Here are our top tips.

Are you ready for the new school year? Credit Flickr CC

Make sure you have everything up to date.

Don’t wait until the new term starts to contact your agency/consultant. Do it now! That way, if you have anything outstanding which might prevent you from working, you can get it sorted out by the time term begins, and you should be able to get work quickly. The things you should check are up to date are:


  • CV – Make sure you have sent an up to date CV to your consultant. If you need help to improve/enhance your CV, you could check out our article on writing a good CV.
  • Referees – One of the key things which prevents us from offering assignments to our contractors is out of date paperwork, and in particular – references! So, make sure that you have these completely up to date by putting a call into your consultant and checking whether any more recent ones are needed.
  • DBS – Make sure that your DBS check is still valid and up to date – without one, you simply can’t work in a school
  • Availability – Does your consultant know which days of the week you are available? Axcis contractors can update their availability by using our simple online diary– make sure yours has been filled in for the new term!

Be proactive

Following up job applications with a call to your consultant can help ensure you’re being considered first! Credit Flickr CC

Many agency workers fall into the trap of assuming that they don’t need to do anything except sit and wait for the phone to ring with an offer of work. Although this is not strictly untrue, you might find that you secure work more quickly if you are proactive. Things you can do include:

  • Apply for jobs – at Axcis, all of our jobs are advertised on our website. By applying, your consultant will receive a notification, and you will proceed directly to the shortlisted candidates who are being considered for the role. So get onto our jobs page today and start to apply for positions which appeal to you.
  • Follow up with a call – once you’ve applied online for jobs, if there are any for which you feel you are particularly suitable, follow it up with a phone call. There could have been lots of applications for the position, and you’ll want to make sure you stand out. So give the consultant mentioned on the job advert a ring and talk to them about the role and why you feel you are suitable. They may give you advice to tweak your CV or do other things which will help you to secure it, so it’s well worth the time spent picking up the phone.
  • Encourage your consultant to market your details – agencies will sometimes contact suitable schools on your behalf to let them know you are available for work. If you’d be keen for this to happen, it may be worth talking to your consultant and making sure they know how far you’d travel and what sort of schools you are keen on so that they can approach them on your behalf to seek out upcoming vacancies.


Why isn’t there much day to day cover at the start of term?

The first few weeks of term can be an unpredictable time in the supply industry – typically, there will not be any pre-arranged absence or training happening in schools at the start of term, so the majority of vacancies will be for last-minute full-time, long-term assignments. Then, later in the term schools experience an increase in sick leave, paternity/maternity cover and cover for staff on training. As a result, short-term and day-to-day supply cover start to pick up. If  you are seeking this sort of work, you might therefore need to be patient for the first few weeks of term, or more flexible than usual on what assignments you will accept in order to keep work coming in.


Refer a friend to Axcis

Refer a friend to Axcis and earn up to £100 in shopping vouchers – Andy is off shopping, are you?

Refer a friend for some extra cash!

If you could do with some extra cash (and let’s face it – who couldn’t?) then it might be worth wracking your brains to see if you have any friends, colleagues or family who would be suitable for special needs teaching or support work – we offer up to £250 in vouchers for a successful referral*, so get your thinking cap on!


*Terms apply – contact your consultant for details.

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Teaching Assistant Survival kit – What to include and how to win one!

Are you new to TA work and trying to figure out what to pack in your school bag? Find out what advice our staff have for you here. Plus enter our free giveaway to win your own TA survival kit.


The role of the teaching assistant

Enter our September Giveaway for a chance to win this fantastic TA survival kit!

The role of the TA can vary a lot from school to school and class to class. If you’re new to this sort of work, it might be worth checking out our article about the role of the teaching assistant. But if you have done your research, know what to expect and are now thinking about sorting out your school bag, then read on to find out what advice our own TAs have for you.

What to include in a TA survival kit

We asked a panel of our teaching assistants what they would recommend you carry if you’ew new to TA work – here is a list of their most popular suggestions:


  • Pens and pencils of various colours
  • Ruler, rubber, pencil sharpener
  • Paper – ideally different types and colours
  • Mini whiteboard and pen
  • Fidget/sensory toys
  • Hand gel/wet wipes
  • Trainers/change of clothes


WIN! Your own TA survival kit

For our September giveaway, we are offering a TA survival kit – simply enter our FREE giveaway for a chance to win it! Enter here.


Take our quiz and find out if you’d be well suited to TA work

If you’re not sure whether you’d be suited to teaching assistant work or not, why not take our short quiz? Simply answer these 10 questions – it only takes a few minutes!

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