End of Term Checklist for Supply Staff – Make Sure Your Term Ends Smoothly!

Axcis contractors – don’t forget to go through our end of term checklist to ensure that your work placement ends smoothly. And thank-you for all your hard work!

Thank you for all your hard work, Axcis staff – don’t forget to go through our end of term checklist

1 – Mark and hand all work back

Check, then double check that you have marked (where appropriate) and handed all work back to your line manager at school. It can be extremely stressful for the school or for the children concerned if you fail to return their work to them before you leave at the end of your contract. So even if you’re sure you have returned everything, have a good check through your desk/home/car just to be on the safe side.

2 – Ensure any handover paperwork is completed

It’s of paramount importance that you do a thorough handover of your work with the member of staff taking over your role. If this is not possible, talk to the HOD/HOY and give them your notes. This will ease the transition for the students from one member of staff to another. Your notes might include where they are in the syllabus but it may also involve comments about behaviours, triggers, medications etc.

3 – Return keys/door cards and any other school property

Never walk away from your assignment with a set of keys as this can cause a huge cost to the school if they have to replace their locks as a result. Text books, laptops and any other material you have been lent needs to be given back promptly as failure to do so could impede the transition for the new member of staff as well as the students concerned, as well as being a nuisance to the school (who you will want to provide you with a good reference!)

4 – Don’t forget to make a final timesheet check before you finish!

The last job you should do before you complete a contract with a school is to double-check that your timesheets are all in and up to date. You can do this via your consultant, or by checking your online timesheet portal. It’s easier to sort out missing timesheets now than it is to chase them in a few weeks time when you realise you’re missing some pay!

5 – Update your CV and availability with Axcis

Don’t forget to also let your consultant at Axcis know what your availability for your next assignment is, and send in an updated CV. That way, when the new term starts, there won’t be any delays finding your next job with Axcis!

Not working for Axcis?

If you are seeking teaching or support work in a SEND setting and are not currently registered with Axcis, why not do it today? It’s free and takes just a few minutes to register on our website – what do you have to lose?

Candidate of the Term Summer 2019: More Nominations!

Who has been nominated and why for the Axcis Candidate of the Term Summer 2019 awards? Some of the lovely nominations we have received are listed here. Why not take a look?

Louise, working for Blake (Axcis London)

I would definitely nominate Louise. She has been amazing and invaluable. One of the most positive people that’s ever worked with children and so skilled at what she does! we are so sad she’s leaving us.

Katie, working for Vicki (Axcis Midlands)

I would like to nominate Katie. Her support with one of our Early Years children has been really invaluable. She has gone above and beyond her agreed role and responsibilities. She has created resources and planned activities in her own time. She has worked closely with me, the child’s family, other agencies that are involved with the child and the other pupils in the class to build strong and positive working relationships. This has meant the child in her care has had regular, consistent, structured and appropriate sensory provision that has meant he has made huge strides in his development. This child now has a set routine, is starting to interact with his peers and has actually learnt to queue!! His mum and I were astounded. It is all thanks to Katie, her experience, patience and perseverance.

Zulakha, working for Vicki (Axcis Midlands)

I would like to nominate Zulakha. She is patient, flexible and always put the needs of the child she supports first. Zulakha works well as part of a year group team and takes on board advice from specialist outside agencies in order to improve the outcomes for children. She would be a model candidate for this award and I highly recommend her.

Fiona, working for Sorcha (Axcis London)

I’d like to nominate Fiona – for her patience and ability to work in a really challenging room

Steve, working for Sorcha (Axcis London)

We’d like to nominate Steve for his enthusiasm when working with all our students

Jordon, working for Sorcha (Axcis London)

I’d like to nominate Jordon – for being very flexible and able to work with anyone

Chamari, working for Sorcha (Axcis London)

Chamari – for being a positive role model for students and staff. Her intensive interaction skills are amazing

Elisabeth and Sarah, working for Blake (Axcis London)

We’d like to nominate Elisabeth and Sarah for the Axcis Candidate of the Term award because every class always wants them back!

Peter, working for Blake (Axcis London)

We’d like to nominate Peter, because all our teachers fight over who can have him on a Friday!

Sthefanny, working for Camelia (Axcis London)

I would like to nominate Sthefanny for the Candidate of Term. Sthefanny has proven to be an exceptional TA: flexible, reliable and with initiative. She is bale to build rapport with both students and staff. She is an excellent communicator and has proven to be an invaluable member of the team. Sthefanny was very successful working with students that are in danger of exclusion and have complex behaviour, emotional and mental health needs. She worked with the most challenging young people in the school.

Emily, working for Cassie (Axcis North Wales)

Emily is a very thoughtful and very productive in her work. She has given so much to the school this year from working so hard with her 1 to 1 pupil to teaching our disco dancing group. Every day she comes in to school with a positive, fresh outlook and always a smile.

Oliver, working for Louise (Axcis London)

We’ like to nominate Oliver for the following reasons: He is personable – instantly liked by students and staff. He is proactive, a good communicator and a team player. He is sensitive to the importance of preserving the dignity and well-being of students with physical disabilities who need intimate care. He does not take himself too seriously and has a sense of humor while respecting the responsibilities of the role. He is willing and hardworking, and he puts our young people first

Crystal, working for Louise (Axcis London)

I would like to nominate Crystal. She has been such an asset.  Since I took over as SEN Lead this year I have found her to be extremely reliable, flexible and willing to take on a challenge.  She has demonstrated a wide variety of skills that have enabled me to place her in any position, whether general or 1:1, and be assured that she will do a good job.  Crystal has managed some of our more challenging children and has never moaned.  In fact, I think she takes it as a compliment.  She has joined sessions of CPD through her own choice and has also helped during after school events, such as our Summer Fair the other day.  She is not worried about ‘getting her hands dirty’ – you will always find her in the thick of things.  She is very supportive of her colleagues and will help them when she sees they need it. Crystal is a good communicator and will pass on relevant information at precisely the right time.  She also has very good organisational skills. I find her a very calming influence.  She has run errands for me or passed on important messages and they always get where they need to and the information is presented accurately. I am so pleased that Crystal can continue with us next year.  

Nominations are now closed

Nominations for Candidate of the Term are now closed. However, if you have an Axcis contractor who has gone above and beyond the call of duty, why not get in touch with us to nominate them for next terms awards? We appreciate every nomination, and so do our candidates! Winners for these awards will be announced soon – so watch this space!

Candidate of the Term: Summer 2019 Nominations

Who has been nominated and why for the Axcis Candidate of the Term Summer 2019 awards? Some of the lovely nominations we have received are listed here. Why not take a look?

Diana, working for Laurence (Axcis South West)

She truly is brilliant.  Diana settled in immediately, using her initiative and being proactive in supporting the children.  She doesn’t wait to be asked or given permission, she naturally uses her intuition to meet the children where they are and gently encourage them .  She has a natural way with our most vulnerable learners, making them feel safe and cared for.  The children warmed to her instantly and look forward to her being in class.  Diana has made all the difference to one of our CiC offering her stability and predictability in this somewhat chaotic time in her life. I am very thankful for this.  No task is too big for Diana.  She has so much knowledge and experience she leaves the team in awe! On top of all this she has the most radiant smile which lifts everyone’s spirits and makes us feel as though anything is possible, which is definitely needed at this time of year.  She is total amazeballs!

Sue and Leanne, working for Cassie (Axcis North Wales)

I would like to nominate both Sue and Leanne for candidates of the term. Both ladies have shown a real dedication to their students with additional learning needs, having been very adaptable and focused to get their students results.

Tom, working for Cassie (Axcis North Wales)

Tom has been working in my class for several months.  He has a very pleasant calm manner with the children. He is firm but fair and the children really like him.  He works with very challenging children most of the time and he has developed a range of strategies to manage different behaviors and turn negative behavior around.  He takes direction well and has learnt skills from example.  He is willing to have a go at different jobs and support different children at last minute. He can also adapt to many situations.

Stuart, working for Tamsin (Axcis Devon & Cornwall)

Since beginning at WESC on a five day temporary term (second half of the summer term), he has quickly gained a reputation as a highly skilled, knowledgeable and positive colleague who is student focused in all he does.   He has met the challenges involved in taking on a complex group of students and had galvanised a disparate group of staff to create an effective and purposeful learning environment. Had we been able to offer Him a permanent role, I would have done so without hesitation.  I am happy to give more information if required. 

Saaraa, working for Louise (Axcis London)

I would like to nominate Saaraa as someone who has become a valuable member of the Learning support team, has carried her duties and responsibilities in a very professional manner, has shown great care towards the kids and she has been very reliable person and pleasure to work with.”

Colette, working for Simi (Axcis London)

Colette is absolutely second to none as an LSA – I remember when she came to us she didn’t feel she had much direct LSA experience but she is outstanding – she really shines in her role – thought you should know – all the tutors here and the students adore her – she has brilliant communication skills, built rapport quickly and adapts to support a variety of SEN needs. She is very valued here. Felt it important to give you feedback on Colette as she particularly stands out for me a strong LSA-it seems to come very naturally to her; she has made a real difference in her time here so far.

Mansur, working for Blake (Axcis London)

I would like to Nominate Mansur. He works very well with all the students , he is very professional in all he do’s and nothing is to much for him. All students have accepted him.

Ubah, working for Helena (Axcis London)

Ubah has worked this year with a student with  considerably challenging behaviour she has approached this role with a wonderful sense of calm which has had a positive affect on her the student. Her efforts are appreciated by all of us here at the college.

Nominations are now closed

Nominations for Candidate of the Term are now closed. However, if you have an Axcis contractor who has gone above and beyond the call of duty, why not get in touch with us to nominate them for next terms awards? We appreciate every nomination, and so do our candidates! Winners for these awards will be announced soon – so watch this space!

Summer Holiday Jobs with Axcis

Are you looking for a summer holiday job working with children or young people with special educational needs or disabilities? Whether you have experience in this field or not, Axcis may be able to help – read on to find out more about what summer holiday jobs we can offer.

Find school holiday jobs with Axcis

What jobs can Axcis offer during the holidays?

At Axcis, we work with lots of different SEND establishments, from day and residential schools to alternative provisions such as pupil referral units, hospital and young offenders institutions. Many of the special schools we work with run holiday clubs and many of the residential schools we provide staff for are open during the school holidays. So, if you are looking for a summer holiday job (or in term time) in this sector, then Axcis can help!

What skills and experience do we need for our summer holiday jobs?

As we have a lot of residential work available during the school breaks, training such as MAPA or NAPPI is useful. If you have experience working in the care sector, this is also an advantage. However, we also supply staff for summer schools and other daytime play schemes, so if you are interested in doing some SEND work during your school break, the best thing you can do is register online or contact your local Axcis office to discuss what you’re looking for. We don’t always require specific training and experience for the roles we have available, but we do look for a positive attitude and a willingness to roll up your sleeves and get involved. If this sounds like you, why not give us a call and find out how we can help you!

What locations do Axcis have school holiday jobs in?

Each of our teams cover a different geographical area – to find out more, click on the one closest to you below and you’ll be taken to a page outlining which specific areas each office covers. Feel free to call the team for a no-pressure, friendly chat if you’d like to find out more:

Why should I choose Axcis for school holiday jobs?

Axcis are the leaders in SEND recruitment in England and Wales. We have over a decade of experience recruiting staff for special needs schools and alternative provisions. As a result, we have excellent relationships with a broad range of SEND organisations. Our consultants are specialists in the sector, so are perfectly placed to guide you through the process and ensure that your skills and experience are used to maximum effect with one of our loyal clients. We also offer competitive rates of pay and CPD training opportunities which are second-to-none. But don’t take our word for it, see what our staff have to say about working for us here. Then decide if you want to register with Axcis or apply for one of our current vacancies today!

Not looking for holiday work yourself but know someone else who might be interested in working for Axcis? Refer them to us today and earn up to £250 in shopping vouchers as a thank you for your referral.

Axcis July Giveaway: Toy Picnic Set

July is national picnic month, so we are giving away this wonderful toy picnic set. Explore shapes, colours, foods and much more with your class with this lovely learning toy.

About the Prize

Learn about colours, shapes, manners and more while on a pretend picnic with the shapes and sharing picnic basket. Lift the lid to hear cheerful phrases and unpack the 16 play pieces, including colourful plates, forks, cups and food. The interactive shape sorter on the lid recognises the food pieces and says the shape and colour of each one. Hear polite food requests and delightful learning songs by pressing the butterfly button. Drop the correct food in the basket for rewarding responses that encourage good manners. Learning’s a picnic with this friendly basket. For ages 6-36 months. The Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket creates a fun setting for children to learn about important vocabulary terms from manners to shapes and colours while exercising their imagination. The various toy pieces encourage children to build their fine motor and matching skills. Clement Chau, PhD, Leapfrog learning expert all Leapfrog toys are educator-approved, child-tested, follow national standards and feature British spellings, phonics and pronunciations.

How to enter the Axcis July Giveaway

Our giveaways are always free to enter, no strings attached! We offer several entry methods so you can either take a quick peek at our Facebook page, Tweet us or sign up on our website for work and you’ll be in with a chance to win. Follow the link below and you’ll be sent to our third party giveaway page (run on there to keep things fair and square) – where you can choose your method of entry and get your name in the hat for this great prize!


If you’re not already registered with Axcis, but would like to seek a SEND teaching or support position, why not get in touch or register with Axcis today and find out how we can assist you? Alternatively, if you are seeking SEND staff for your school or provision, or would like to refer a friend to us, pop us and email – we’d be happy to help!

Special Technology Tools and Apps. for SEND Children and Students (Guest Post)

Emma Robertson, advocate for innovation in learning has kindly provided this guest blog for Axcis which explores various tools and apps to support SEND children in the classroom and at home.

With technology becoming a big part of our lives, it comes as no surprise that those with students of children with special needs and disabilities are making the most out of it.

Assistive technology and various tools can help massively with specific disabilities or learning barriers – making learning more productive and prosperous. After all, we all learn and grow in different ways – finding the best way for your students and children is essential.

We’ve compiled a helpful guide to the best technology tools and apps, that will help SEND children. Here are our favourites, that will make a world of difference to students of all abilities.

We’ve compiled a helpful guide to the best technology tools and apps, that will help SEND children. Here are our favourites, that will make a world of difference to students of all abilities.

1. Text-to-speech Assisstive Tools

Used as assistive technology, text-to-speech (TTS) software, has been specifically designed to help those children who may struggle reading standard print. Whether this is blindness, visual impairment, learning disabilities, dyslexia, or any other physical condition, TTS will help.

Perhaps, more unknown is that TTS can also be used for those with autism, ADHD, or an intellectual disability.

TTS works by scanning and reading words to a student. With improvements in technology, TTS is becoming more advanced and accurate day by day.

Natural Reader online is a cloud-based speech synthesis application, that gives you the chance to convert word documents, PDFs, web pages, and eBooks. It is also very commonly used by UX writers and writing services WoWGrade.net to test how natural their texts sound.

Don’t worry – you can access British English, and choose from 56 natural sounding voices.

2. Match and Find

Match and Find is a fantastic app that has been created for SEND children. The design and the activities have been specially designed, ensuring that it is a friendly and suitable learning environment.

Match and Find will give children and students a chance to enjoy learning. Without any type of pressure, or complicated aspects.

Basically, Match and Find have been designed to help develop memory, searching, matching, and sequencing skills. This is extremely important for the development of numeracy, language and can even help children to develop their visual working memory.

This is available on iPads.

3. Timers

Sometimes the simplest tools, are actually the most beneficial. We love using times, for children and students that have trouble with pacing. In fact, everybody can benefit from a timer in their life.

Timers can be used to show SEND children how much time is left, which gives them a deeper understanding of time constraints.

If you find that your child or student struggles with switching from task to task, a timer can help them prepare for the switch in advance.

Most phones have timers. Otherwise, there are online timer tools.

4. SpeechBulbs: Language Therapy

This excellent app is actually beneficial for students with or without speech difficulties. It’s super fun, and helps with pronunciation – children won’t even realise that they are learning.

It’s a speech therapy application that utilises video technology and voice control. They aim to help develop speech articulation in children. This can be extremely beneficial to SEND children and students.

This is available for IOS and Android.

5. FM listening systems

Frequency Modulation (FM) systems have multiple different uses. We’d say that they’re a handy tool to have, anyway. However, they can come in handy for SEND students and children.

FM listening systems act as a special microphone and can eliminate background noise in the classroom, which ultimately helps with concentration. This can help with attention issues, as well as auditory processing problems.

Basically, a teacher wears a microphone, which either blasts their voice through speakers or to a personal receiver worn by an individual student. This will help with kids that have hearing impairments, autism, language processing issues, or autism spectrum disorder, too.

All in all, it’s a useful tool to have.

6. How do you know?

Another app, available on both Android and IOS – this time it’s aimed at helping your students improve critical thinking, and verbal reasoning skills.

Basically, it helps to explain how to answer specific questions, which many SEND children might find difficult.

The best thing is, secondary learning also happens through the app. It gives young people the chance to expand their vocabulary and discover essential literacy skills.

As with all the apps that we mention, it’s designed and created in a fun and interactive way. It doesn’t even feel like learning.

7. Alternative keyboards

You might already use special keyboards – but we thought we would mention them anyway, just in case.

Programmable keyboards have unique overlays, that can customise the appearance and function of a standard keyboard. Children or students that have learning difficulties can benefit from this greatly.

It can group keys by colour, location, add graphics, or reduces input choices. It’s just an added bit of help, that can make using a computer and learning more accessible.

It’s essential that SEND children to learn how to use computers, as they are a big part of our world.

8. Easy Dyslexia Aid – Dysgraphia Spelling & Literacy Helper

Obviously, this app is created explicitly for dyslexia. It could be an excellent choice for teachers or parents with dyslexic children or students.

One of the best features of Easy Dyslexia is that there are no additional options or pages. This means that those with learning difficulties can just dive right into learning.

9. Portable word processors

Some SEND children to struggle to write, which is where a mobile word processor comes in handy.

It’s a handy piece of technology to have so that learning and writing are possible anywhere and everywhere.


We hope you can be inspired by some of these options, and even download some new apps. Some of these you may already be utilising, but others you might not have also considered.

The tools suggested are functional and aim to make life and learning more accessible. Researching into assistive learning tools might revolutionise learning, for you.

We specifically like the fun, interactive apps- that make learning and discovering fun and exciting. It’s a great way to make valuable progress, without it feeling forced or boring.

Which tools have you used for your SEND child or student?

Emma Robertson is an advocate for innovations in learning. She collaborates with Studicus.comwhere she shares her experience on modern education and helps readers adopt innovative methods to develop new competencies. Emma can be easily found on Twitter @Emma70677393 where she constantly shares her posts.

If you’re looking for a SEND teaching or support job in England or Wales, why not register with Axcis, the SEND recruitment specialists? Or perhaps you need to recruit staff for your school or provision? If so, why not take a look at the Axcis Website, or get in touch today to find out how we can help?

Axcis Refer-a-Friend FAQs and Feedback

How does the Axcis refer-a-friend scheme work? What are our most frequently asked questions about it and what do those who have used the scheme have to say? Find out here. 

How does the Axcis refer-a-friend scheme work?

The Axcis refer-a-friend scheme is simple – either tell us about someone you know who is looking for work (always ask permission before passing along personal details). Or ask them to register online, citing you as their referee (one of the questions in our registration process). When they have completed 20 days of work, you’ll be eligible for some shopping vouchers – and they will, too! Full details of the scheme can be found here. 

Axcis refer-a-friend FAQs

Here are some of the questions we often get asked about our refer-a-friend scheme, along with the answers!

1. When will I get my payment?

By far the most frequently asked question we get about our refer-a-friend scheme is when people can expect to get paid! In order to qualify for your payment, the person you have referred to us needs to have worked at least 20 days. These must be full days of employment, so if they are working part-time, we will need to wait until they have accrued the equivalent of their 20 days of work before you’ll be eligible for your payment, which will be in the form of a shopping voucher.

2. Will I get my vouchers automatically?

We try to ensure that we keep track of candidates who have been referred to us, but we may sometimes miss one. Therefore, if you think you are owed a payment under this scheme and have not yet received it, simply get in touch and we will check into it for you and issue a referral voucher if it’s due to be paid out.

3. Can I choose what sort of voucher I get?

We use Amazon vouchers because Amazon sell pretty much everything! That way, whatever you want to get with your refer-a-friend voucher, you should be able to get it. We regret that we do not offer to issue cash payments or vouchers for other retailers.

4. Can I refer more than one friend to Axcis?

Yes! We love it when people refer more than one person to us. In fact, last year, we had one person who referred 5 people to us, and got almost £1000 in referral vouchers – why not do the same?

5. Does the person being referred get anything, too?

Yes! In fact we have just updated our scheme – so from now on, when we pay referral vouchers to the referee, the person being referred will also get a £20 voucher by way of a thank-you for commencing work with Axcis.

What do referrers and referees say about the scheme?


I think the refer a friend scheme is a wonderful idea as it gives an incentive of which I have been fortunate to receive Amazon vouchers twice. Also good for the company knowing the person being referred will meet the criteria required. I recently had a very large funky red suitcase with which to go on my travels. Also had books, make up and a poster to name just a few items.
Thank you, Peta Oseland.

I referred a friend to Axcis and they quickly got work. They seemed happy and after they’d worked for 20 days, I was able to get my shopping vouchers, which was great. I got some new work clothes and resources with the money. I’d definitely refer a friend to Axcis again if I knew anyone else looking for work! Daniel. 

Candidates referred:

I was referred to Axcis via the refer-a-friend scheme and was so happy I made the contact…after all the paperwork, etc was in order, I was very quickly placed in a wonderful role at an Independent school in April and I have been in this role ever since. If I have any friends looking for roles, I would definitely use the refer-a-friend scheme, it would be a win-win situation for us both! Thanks Axcis! Kelly Louden

During my tenure at a small number of schools around west London with Axcis,  I enjoyed working with all concerned – particularly Martin and Nicola, my London consultants. The safeguarding was excellent – especially regarding pupils as well as myself. The professional development offered allowed me to enhance my skills. And while it may not seem all that relevant, I appreciated the understanding and good consideration with bereavement and sick leave I was allowed on short notice. Thanks also to the Axcis team for bidding me a nice farewell when I did work for a school permanently which wouldn’t have happened without the introduction from Axcis! Musa. 

The recruitment process was very efficient with a relaxed interview followed by DBS application and Welsh Education Workforce Council document applications. I found the AXCIS staff very supportive and reassuring during my introduction to SEND work. Judith.

Would you like to refer a friend or seek SEND work?

If you are looking for teaching or teaching assistant/support work in schools, why not check out our jobs pages or register with Axcis today? Or if you’re already registered but know someone else who is looking for work, why not refer them to us using our refer-a-friend scheme? You could both benefit from some vouchers, so what’s to lose?

What are the 5 types of cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying can take many different forms. Find out here what the 5 main types of cyber bullying are and how you can help our children and young people to stay safe online.

Andy and Lionel know the score! Don’t be a bully- be a buddy!

1. Exclusion

In this type of cyber bullying, a group is created which excludes the person being bullied. The group then send malicious messages or post malicious content singling out the individual being bullied.

2. Harassment

In this scenario, the bully sends offensive or abusive messages or posts images which degrade, humiliate or offend the person being bullied. This may be in direct messages/emails or may be in groups/public forums on social media sites. This is a very common form of online bullying.

3. Flaming

Flaming is a type of cyber bullying that is similar to harassment. However, this is usually a 2-way scenario. For example, the bully may post abusive comments directed towards a group or individual (thereby fueling the fire). When the group or individual respond in a similar way, an online “fight” breaks out, where both parties exchange insults or abusive language with each other over the internet. This is generally what is meant by the term “Flaming” on social media but some people make no distinction between harassment and flaming.

4. Masquerading

Masquerading on internet or social media sites is exactly what it sounds like it is. This is the act of creating a fake social media account or user profile with the specific intention of abusing either individuals or groups. The ability to be anonymous often inflates a person’s sense of security and allows them to post comments which are more abusive than they otherwise might be if the user could be easily identified. This is why it can be such a damaging form of online bullying – and can be particularly upsetting to the recipient. “Trolls”, or people who post inflammatory comments with the specific intention of getting a rise from people will often do this with a fake account so as to avoid detection or repercussions for their actions.

5. Outing

Outing is the process of sharing private or personal information about someone else. When this is done with the direct intention of upsetting or humiliating the person being outed, it can most certainly be considered to be a form of cyber bullying. For example, compromising photographs may be posted on social media sites or personal facts may be shared publicly.

How can we protect children against cyber bullying?

In a recent post, we discussed how to keep children safe online – in this article, we share several practical ideas and resources which should help you to prevent and manage online bullying if it happens with your own children or family.

We also recently shared a post about some free training which schools can access to help combat bullying. Part of this training covers online bullying, so if you are not already aware of this, it’s worth taking a look.

If you’re looking for a SEND teaching or support job in England or Wales, why not register with Axcis, the SEND recruitment specialists? Or perhaps you need to recruit staff for your school or provision? If so, why not take a look at the Axcis Website, or get in touch today to find out how we can help?

5 tips for being a successful education recruitment consultant

I'm happy to share what I've learned in my time at Axcis - Emily Marbaix

I’m happy to share what I’ve learned in my time at Axcis – Emily Marbaix

Thinking about becoming an education recruitment consultant? Want to know more about it? Here is my top 5 tips on what it takes to be great at the job.

1. You have to want to do it

Being an education recruitment consultant is hard work. In the past, I’ve spoken to people who have applied for consultant jobs because “they need a job” – which is fair enough, but if they don’t know what they are getting themselves into, recruitment can be a bit of a baptism of fire. The skill set required is extensive and some days can be very tough. Hours can be long, candidates and clients can be difficult and pressure to perform can make some people crumble. But if you have done your research, know what to expect and are prepared to put in the work, it can be a fantastic career choice. In short, you have to want to do it.

2. You have to be prepared to be a sales person

Let’s make no bones about it – there is a sales element to being a successful recruitment consultant. You need to be able to sell the service you provide in an appropriate way, whether it’s to a candidate thinking about registering with you or a new client you’d love to work with. Depending on the company you choose, your tone needs to be suitable too. At Axcis, we do our best not to be “pushy” sales people. It’s more about spreading the word about what we can offer and being there when a candidate or client needs our service. If you are a shrinking violet and would feel awkward selling the service you can offer you should think twice about whether recruitment is the right industry for you.

3. You have to be resilient

Recruitment consultants are essentially match makers. The job is about finding the right person for the right job/school and ensuring that the match goes ahead in the best interests of all parties. However, people are fickle beasts and can be unpredictable. There will be times when your client calls up because your teacher turned up late on their first day of work and yells down the phone at you. There will be times when a candidate who has been hounding you for work for ages finally gets a job offer and then decides they don’t want to work after all. The trick to being a successful recruitment consultant is looking for solutions rather than dwelling on problems. If you are a naturally negative person and struggle when the going gets tough, you should think twice about whether recruitment is the right industry for you.

4. You need a broad set of skills and attributes

The skills and attributes required to be a successful recruiter are surprisingly broad. You’ll be writing job adverts, as well as endless emails – so your written English needs to be spot on. I’ve already mentioned sales skills – being an excellent verbal communicator is of huge importance. You also need to be able to juggle your workload and re-prioritise your day at the drop of a hat – you might have a nice, neat to-do list which ends up in the bin when a client calls and needs a member of staff sent to them within 10 minutes. I’ve already mentioned resilience, since things won’t always go your way, and an ability to negotiate is up there with the skills you will be using every day too. Add to that the fact that the most successful recruiters I know are prepared to take calls from their candidates and clients at all hours and on all days, it’s not a 9-5, Monday to Friday kind of job (if you want to be really good at it!) At times you’ll be a councilor for your candidates when things go wrong and at other times you need to know when to stand your ground when someone is pushing for more than is fair. The list doesn’t end there – you’ll need to be punctual, professional, adaptable but also friendly, good at listening and reading body language and an excellent relationship manager too! Oh – and knowing your industry helps, too – if you don’t know anything about schools or the education system you’ll need to do a lot of research before you can consider becoming an education recruitment consultant – let alone a specialist special needs education recruitment consultant (as we are at Axcis).

5. You need to be prepared to give it time

I’ve met some people who say they want to get into recruitment for a year or two to put some money in the bank before they follow their real dream career. These people should think twice because it doesn’t happen overnight. When you are new to the job, it takes months – sometimes years – to establish trust with your candidates and clients, and to build up a good base of relationships. I’ve told potential employees who are new to the industry that they can’t expect much in the way of dividends until at least 6 months into the job, but realistically they’ll have to graft at it for 1-2 years before they will start to see real results. To me it seems crazy to do all that hard work and then leave just as your relationships start to blossom – after all, that’s when it really starts to be fun, too!

Does this sound like you? 

If you’ve read this blog post and are thinking that recruitment sounds perfect for you, feel free to send us your CV. Axcis has offices across England and Wales – and we are always willing to receive the details of those who are keen to show us what they can do! As a company, Axcis is growing rapidly – we are proud to be one of the fastest growing education recruitment companies in the UK – and as such we are always on the lookout for new talent to help us continue to expand.

What other work can we offer?

If being a recruiter isn’t for you, bear in mind that Axcis often has jobs available for other internal roles, such as compliance or payroll support. Or, if you’re interested in a role as a teacher or member of school support staff, why not register free on our website to see how we can help you find this sort of work?

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SEND News Roundup

At Axcis, we are thrilled to be associated with the National Autistic Society and nasen. Each month, we bring you the latest news highlights from our partners, so if you’d like to know what’s been happening with these great organisations and in the world of SEND, read on.

Nasen News

Below you’ll find a list of the latest SEND news from our friends at nasen. Each title is clickable and the link will take you to their website where you can find the full story.

Axcis are proud to sponsor nasen

National Autistic Society News

Below you’ll find a list of some of the latest autism news, compiled by our friends at The National Autistic Society. Each title is clickable and the link will take you to their website where you can find the full story.

Are you looking for SEND staff or a job?

If you would be interested in a teaching or support position at a school or alternative provision, why not get in touch or register with Axcis today and find out how we can assist you? Alternatively, if you are seeking staff for your school or provision, or would like to refer a friend to us, pop us and email – we’d be happy to help!

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